MIPCOM to look at smartphone apps and tablets

Everybody has one, it seems, even before we were entirely sure what to do with them. Smartphones and online tablet devices are the new black. So when will the content biz start really monetising them? The answer is “now”, according to a half-day seminar on 6 October at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes during MIPCOM.

The seminar will kick off with a special iPad showcase session during which a range of new apps will be presented, from brand-dedicated apps to those targeting children. Daniel Efergan, Creative Director of Aardman Digital, part of Aardman Animations, and Patrice Slupowski, VP Digital Innovation and Communities at Orange, will speak on the subject, while a broadcaster’s point of view will be delivered by Jen Topping, New Media Commissioning Manager for Channel 4.

This will be followed by a series of case studies: Anna Rafferty, MD of Digital Publishing at Penguin Books, will explain how a leading book publisher is adopting mobile applications and is adapting to multimedia ePublishing; Shaun Barriball, Founder and CEO of Mobile IQ, will talk about being an App creator; Dan Witters, UK Managing Director of Kiwa Media, will describe the new licensing deals; and Cedric Thomas from the Ovi by Nokia App store will speak for online App sellers.

The seminar will be chaired by Ferhan Cook, Publisher of MobiADNews and President of Any Screen Productions Ltd.

“Convergence is finally here. The new tablet devices and the App stores complete the full circle on rich media publishing, with a clear business model for content. A brand new ‘connected publishing’ industry is being born,” explains Ferhan Cook. “We are in the midst of a new publishing revolution which is impacting the entire spectrum of the entertainment industry,” adds Laurine Garaude, Director of MIPCOM.

The Cannes or Bust twitter account, which features news, tips and deals about MIPCOM, MIPTV and MIDEM, is featured on a number of applications.

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